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Margiotti Bridge Replacement Project


Pennsylvania Department of Transportation
Engineering District 10-0

Project Details:

SR 0436 Section 552 / SR 0036 Section 552 / SR 3008
Located in Punxsutawney Borough
Jefferson County

The PA Department of Transportation (PENNDOT) plans to replace the structure along SR 0436 that that crosses the Allegheny & Western railroad track, the Mahoning Shadow Trail and the Mahoning creek. The State Roadway is classified as an Urban Minor Arterial Route. Approximately 4,900 vehicles travel the route daily. Some widening will occur at the SR 0036 intersection and SR 3008 will be relocated in order to improve safety and traffic flow through this area. Several new intersections with local roads and alleys will result due to the roadway relocation. Additionally, Perry Street (currently designated as SR 3008) will be terminated with a cul-de-sac instead of intersecting with the state routes.

IAS is providing turnkey right-of-way services to the District for the project. A total of thirty one (31) parcels will be affected during construction with seven (7) residential and two (2) non-residential displacements resulting. Right-of-Way activities commenced in summer 2014 and are to conclude by early fall of 2015 to allow for a winter 2015 construction letting. Construction activities are projected to proceed through 2017. For additional information, visit the District 10-0 website at www.dot.state.pa.us or contact any of the below representatives.


Ken Hawker - Project Manager
Janice Olszewski - Chief Appraiser
Audrey Gerginski - Chief Negotiator
Jim Hoover - Senior Real Estate Specialist
Mason Young - Negotiator
Melissa Strong - Negotiator
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