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Port Authority Open End Contract


Port Authority of Allegheny County

Project Details:

Open End Contract

Since July of 2000, IAS has served as the General Consultant to the Real Estate Department of the Port Authority. Our primary consultants maintain in-house stations and are responsible for all daily operation activities such as property management activities, licensing and leasing agreements, and joint development marketing. Additionally, our staff handles acquisition, appraisal assignments and all relocation activities for right of way projects associated with new construction and expansion. Several completed projects are the Crafton Park 'N Ride on the West Busway, portions of the Martin Luther King, Jr. East Busway, and Stage II of the Light Rail Transit corridor in South Hills. Currently, we are extensively involved with real estate matters concerning the high profile North Shore Connector Project. The project is scheduled to expand the existing subway system by constructing additional underground rail tunnels under downtown Pittsburgh to the North Shore and will vastly improve public transportation in the region. Visit the project website or check out the contact us page for more details.

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